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​Looking For SEO Services?

​Green Stair SEO ​delivers ​SEO and marketing services for the highest ROI on your marketing budget. If you are looking for more customers and sales, we can help with:

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    Industry Standard Best Practice SEO for long-term results, unaffected by Google updates.
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    Positioning in top 3 of the search results your ideal customers are actually searching.
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    ​Higher local search rankings for better client retention
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    Highest ROI of any advertising method
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    ​Tailor-made campaigns for maximum efficiency
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    ​Constant feedback and simple contracts

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​Our Services

Attract The Right Visitors

​If the internet was a city, we ​place you downtown, middle of the street filled with your customers. No more tire-kickers or people asking random questions, just people looking for your offer.

​Increase Revenue

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don't change anything about the content.

​Mobile Optimization

​Mobile use is now the biggest source of internet traffic. Still a lot of business websites are not completely mobile friendly. We can either rebuild your complete website or create a separate mobile version. Your mobile visitors will no longer be turned away!

​​Better Leads

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don't change anything about the content.

​Constant Feedback

​Communication is key in any project. ​We provide weekly updates on the status and results.

​Competition Analysis

​Knowing your competition is a huge benefit in business. We analyze your biggest competitors and find new opportunities for search traffic. This as transformed businesses!

​How We Work

  • ​Best Practice SEO: ​You get Search Engine Optimization according to the industry best practices. ​Our methods are always being refined through thousands of test sites, and
  • ​Meet In Person: Face to face contact is becoming more and more valuable in an increasingly digital world. ​Whenever we can we like to meet with our clients in person. Otherwise we use video conferencing for the closest thing. 
  • ​In House Development: We do everything in-house, so no outsourcing or shady link building. You never have to worry about who is working on your site.
  • You get massive ROI: Return on investment is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Our SEO services generally generate between 500% to 1000% ROI for our client
  • Customization is Key: Every website is different and so is every business. With a cookie-cutter SEO plan, either you won't get the service you need, or over-pay for your situation. ​Our SEO is always custom and tailored to your needs. 
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    Protect Online Reputation: Your companies online reputation is extremely valuable. One disgruntled customer or dishonest competitor can create a lot of bad press. With the right reputation your conversion will increase and so will your sales. Greenstair SEO offers specialized services to build a solid reputation through review management. And we can also help take care of toxic reviews or articles that are hurting your business.
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    Monthly Contracts: You can cancel anytime, without any contract fees. 

​Organic SEO

​Organic SEO still has the highest ROI of any marketing tactic. Getting in front of the people that are actively ​searching for your service or product is just so powerful.

How we do SEO?

  • Select the best keywords for your business and budget
  • Set up keyword tracking and analytics so you can see where you are listed and how many visitors it brings
  • ​Make your webpages super relevant for those keywords
  • ​Create a solid digital footprint ​to reflect the overall topic of your business
  • Build permanent, relevant links to the right pages. You can look at it like voting: we create votes for your web pages.
  • ​Provide you with weekly reports on rankings and traffic.

​PPC/ Adwords

​​As powerful as organic SEO is, it can take 6-9 months before it works. That is where PPC and Adwords come in. ​

  • Select the best keywords for your business and budget