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​Green Stair SEO ​delivers ​expert ​search engine optimization and digital marketing services in the Philippines​. If you are looking for more customers and sales, we can help with:

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    Industry Standard Best Practice SEO for long-term results, unaffected by Google updates.
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    Positioning in top 3 of the search results your ideal customers are actually searching.
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    ​Higher local search rankings for better client retention
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    Highest ROI of any advertising method
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    ​Tailor-made campaigns for maximum efficiency
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    ​Constant feedback and simple contracts

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​What Can Our Digital Marketing Services Do For You?

Attract The Right Visitors

​If the internet was a city, we ​place you downtown, middle of the street filled with your customers. No more tire-kickers or people asking random questions, just people looking for your offer.

​Increase Revenue

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don't change anything about the content.

​Mobile Optimization

​Mobile use is now the biggest source of internet traffic. Still a lot of business websites are not completely mobile friendly. We can either rebuild your complete website or create a separate mobile version. Your mobile visitors will no longer be turned away!

​​Better Leads

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don't change anything about the content.

​Constant Feedback

​Communication is key in any project. ​We provide weekly updates on the status and results.

​Competition Analysis

​Knowing your competition is a huge benefit in business. We analyze your biggest competitors and find new opportunities for search traffic. This as transformed businesses!

What Our SEO Clients Say About Us


Dream Come True Travel

Great Experience, my business made its way to page higher in the google ranks, and we are still working on total improvement!

Maryella B , Owner

Heggen Group Consulting

I value our partnership and am happy to recommend the services of Green Stair SEO.

Jayne Heggen , Owner

Joan Perry

Adriaan did an awesome job. He is efficient, effective, and responsive. The rates are reasonable. You cannot ask for better assistance

Joan P , Author

​How We ​Do SEO

  • ​Best Practice SEO: ​You get Search Engine Optimization according to the industry best practices. ​Our methods are always being refined through thousands of test sites, and
  • ​Meet In Person: Face to face contact is becoming more and more valuable in an increasingly digital world. ​Whenever we can we like to meet with our clients in person. Otherwise we use video conferencing for the closest thing. 
  • ​In House Development: We do everything in-house, so no outsourcing or shady link building. You never have to worry about who is working on your site.
  • You get massive ROI: Return on investment is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Our SEO services generally generate between 500% to 1000% ROI for our client
  • Customization is Key: Every website is different and so is every business. With a cookie-cutter SEO plan, either you won't get the service you need, or over-pay for your situation. ​Our SEO is always custom and tailored to your needs. 
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    Protect Online Reputation: Your companies online reputation is extremely valuable. One disgruntled customer or dishonest competitor can create a lot of bad press. With the right reputation your conversion will increase and so will your sales. Green stair SEO offers specialized services to build a solid reputation through review management. And we can also help take care of toxic reviews or articles that are hurting your business.
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    Monthly Contracts: You can cancel anytime, without any contract fees. 

​​Philippines Business Environment

Do you live in the Philippines? Perhaps you are an aspiring business owner. Manila is a great place to run a business there, seeing as it's the capital city. Whether you live in or near Manila, it's certainly a great choice in regards to a great business environment. The Philippine Islands cater to many tourists, and when in Manila, you've also got the business of the locals. What type of business do you want to own?

Last summer, I met a few people from the Philippines who were in the US on student visas. They worked at a sandwich shop that I was working in for the summer. One of them had aspirations to be a business owner, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to start his restaurant in the Philippines or in the US. When I asked him why he was telling me how the business environment over there wasn't as lucrative. Many of the people where he lived were poor, and he was thinking instead that he might want to move to the US to start his restaurant business.

The owners of the restaurant where we worked did just that. They didn't move to the US from the Philippines, but they moved here and started a business. While I certainly understood my friend's concerns and wished him the best, I also hoped that he found encouragement that he could start a restaurant in the Philippines. I wanted him to know that he could be successful wherever he planned to set up shop. Naturally, you certainly do need a good business plan, as supply and demand must sustain revenue.

I'm not thinking he was from Manila, and perhaps where he was, it might not be the best place to start a restaurant. Maybe he was thinking more about moving here to the US instead of moving to a more populous and business-friendly city in the Philippines, like Manila. You see, Manila is the most populous city in the Philippines, but that's not all. In terms of population density, it is ranked #1 in the world. That certainly makes you think that the business environment in Manila would present lucrative opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Manila is a well-traveled city, very cultured and full of locals and tourists. A restaurant in Manila would be a great idea. I live in a tourist city, too, and the young man I met was here during the height of the season. He saw how well the owners were doing, and he saw people traveling from all over, spending money like it was going out of style. He felt comfortable, safe and like moving here to start a business was living the dream. America is certainly full of dreams, but he can find his business niche back home in the Philippines, too.

In other words, he can find his dream. He seemed a little down when he would talk about it though. The business environment in Manila is growing steadily nonetheless, and perhaps he will get redirected to start a business back home. He has an affinity for where he's from and the people there, as we all do, and you could see it was a sore spot for him to think that the idea of starting a business back home would be in vain. It's not, and he's just going to have to discover that for himself.

It is a great idea to start a restaurant or any other type of business in the Philippines, especially in Manila. Yes, there are the risks, but risks come with starting a business anywhere. I truly hope my friend ends up discovering that if he puts his mind to do what he feels is right, then he's already won half the battle.