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​Green Stair SEO ​delivers ​​the highest ROI ​for your marketing ​investment. If you are looking for more customers and sales, we can help with:

  • checkIndustry-Standard Best Practice SEO for long-term results, ​regardless of Google algorithm updates
  • check​​​Top 3 positions for your ideal customer’s ​search phrases.
  • check​​Top 3 local map ranking (Snack Pack).
  • checkHighest ROI of any advertising method
  • check​Tailor-made campaigns for maximum efficiency
  • check​Constant feedback and simple contracts

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​Why We Are Different

  • Industry Standard Best Practices. We only do SEO using the best and most up-to-date methods.  This is why we have been consistently getting websites to the top of Google.
  • ​Full Service Marketing. ​We don’t leave you hanging if the increased traffic is not translating to more sales. We use our expertise in conversion, and powerfull analytics to make sure your get results.
  • ​Simple Pricing Model. ​SEO pricing is often difficult to understand or deceiving. Our proposal clearly shows you what you are buying, and how much it costs. ​Project usually last between 6-9 months. After that, all the work stays in place and you keep your rankings.
  • ​Personal Attention And Communication. ​We are a small agency, and that has it’s benefits. Are always personally available to answer questions. To keep you in-the-loop, we provide weekly or daily reporting on keyword movements. ​​​

What Our Clients Say About Us

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What We Can Do For You

Attract The Right Visitors

​If the internet was a city, we ​place you downtown, middle of the street filled with your customers. No more tire-kickers or people asking random questions, just people looking for your offer.

​Increase Revenue

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don’t change anything about the content.

​Mobile Optimization

​Mobile use is now the biggest source of internet traffic. Still a lot of business websites are not completely mobile friendly. We can either rebuild your complete website or create a separate mobile version. Your mobile visitors will no longer be turned away!

​​Better Leads

Constantly having more and more qualified visitors coming to your website means more revenue. Even when you don’t change anything about the content.

​Constant Feedback

​Communication is key in any project. ​We provide weekly updates on the status and results.

​Competition Analysis

​Knowing your competition is a huge benefit in business. We analyze your biggest competitors and find new opportunities for search traffic. This as transformed businesses!

Get Started With A Free Proposal

​Every website is different, and so is every business. Get a free proposal and find out exactly what we can do for you.

​How We Work

  • ​Best Practice SEO: ​You get Search Engine Optimization according to the industry best practices. ​Our methods are always being refined through thousands of test sites, and
  • ​Meet In Person: Face to face contact is becoming more and more valuable in an increasingly digital world. ​Whenever we can we like to meet with our clients in person. Otherwise we use video conferencing for the closest thing. 
  • ​In House Development: We do everything in-house, so no outsourcing or shady link building. You never have to worry about who is working on your site.
  • You get massive ROI: Return on investment is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Our SEO services generally generate between 500% to 1000% ROI for our client
  • Customization is Key: Every website is different and so is every business. With a cookie-cutter SEO plan, either you won’t get the service you need, or over-pay for your situation. ​Our SEO is always custom and tailored to your needs. 
  • arrow-rightProtect Online Reputation: Your companies online reputation is extremely valuable. One disgruntled customer or dishonest competitor can create a lot of bad press. With the right reputation your conversion will increase and so will your sales. Greenstair SEO offers specialized services to build a solid reputation through review management. And we can also help take care of toxic reviews or articles that are hurting your business.
  • arrow-rightMonthly Contracts: You can cancel anytime, without any contract fees. 

​What Makes Somerville Good For Business?

Somerville, Massachusetts is an interesting suburb outside of Boston. Originally it was nicknamed Slummmer-ville because of its boring lifestyle. Recently, however, it has turned around and become one of the hippest neighborhoods in the Boston area.

side view of city hall in somerville

​Visitors to the area will be amazed at this transformation because now it has a slew of trendsetting breweries and restaurants, a thriving art district, a brand-new shopping center, and a calendar throughout the year that is packed with exciting events to attend.

​Since this new trend began, and no one knows exactly when it began, it seems that the trend will continue to grow because the city is planning an extensive overall of its oldest commercial center called Union Square. There will also be additional subway lines expanded into the area and other exciting commercial developments. You can always tell when an area is on an upward climb because the restaurant prices and rental accommodation prices are skyrocketing.

​Somerville has an interesting history. In fact, there is a unique piece of revolutionary history that occurred in this area. The Battle of Bunker Hill is a well-known battle where the colonists were defeated by the British. After this disastrous defeat, the remaining settlers retreated to the present-day Somerville Prospect Hill location. This strategic Hill provided the colonists with an excellent view of Boston and the British fleet.The top of the hill was nicknamed the Citadel because it was the strongest fortification for the rebels. On January 1, 1776, these rebels raised the very first Grand Union which was the original flag of the American Colonies. Each New Year’s Day the mayor of Somerville portrays General Washington and reenacts the event.

​In the summertime, the Somerville Arts Council organizes a variety of funky and funny events celebrating the city. For example, there is the “Porch Fest” which provides musicians of all abilities an opportunity to play for passers-by. ​They do this as they sit on their porch and play. The summertime also sees an increase in poetry slams, dance parties, art markets, puppet shows, and music festivals.

September is the month of the Fluff Festival where the “Marshmallow Fluff” was originally invented. October has the biggest event which is a musical extravaganza called the “Honk.” During the month of December, there is the “Illumination Tour” which is a trolley ride throughout the city to see the various outrageous Christmas light displays.

broadway church somerville ma

​How To Choose An SEO Company

​SEO is one of those things you will have to take seriously as a site owner, but it is not always easy.Most people tend to struggle and never get things to work as they want them to. This is where making sure you are choosing a good Search Engine Optimization Company is the way to go. It will eradicate some of the worries you would have with this process and ensure you are on the right track.

search engine optimization google

​So, what should you be looking at as you try to figure things out in the long-term?Here are the essential tips.

​1) Analyze Reputation

Your ability to determine a company’s reputation is going to impact how the relationship is in the long-term. Too many site owners go with those who are offering a good deal but might not be the most reliable option. Ignore them because they are not going to yield good results for you or the site.

​Ranking a website in Google is a tough gig, and you want those who have been able to master the art fully.Don’t go with those who are going to be learning on the fly or won’t be able to do it at all.2) Meet in Person

seo consultant service

​Always look to meet the representative in person to see who you are dealing with. If they are not local to you, it is best to get on Skype and have a conference call to see what they stand for. The reasons to do this are simple enough. You don’t want to go with those who are not willing to reveal themselves because it shows a sign of mistrust and that is not what you want to deal with.Go with those who are up front about who they are and what they will do for you.

​3) Periodic Reporting Is A MustIf they are not offering reports on a monthly basis, you cannot go with them. How will you be able to measure the impact they’ve had on the business and site? You will never know, and that is something no one should have to deal with in this day and age.Be smarter and make sure you are emphasizing periodic reporting and hoping to get it from the SEO company you decide to go with.

tips for search engine optimization

​f they can’t give this to you, keep looking for someone who will.4) Rates MatterThe amount you are going to pay for SEO services will matter and are going to have a role to play in who you go with. This is a given, but you have to determine what you are getting while going down this path. Think about what they are providing and how it is going to impact you in the long-term.The rates are always going to have a role to play so don’t go with those who are going to provide little value in the long-term.You want to weigh everything to make sure you are getting a good company before anything else.

what is SEO

​5) Customization Is Key

​All SEO campaigns are going to vary, and you will want to go with those who can meet your demands. There shouldn’t be a campaign running that is going to waste your time and isn’t going to fit what you are after. This is a real concern for people who are hoping to have a business in the place that is going to yield good results.You want to make sure the campaign is being set up in a manner where you will rank, and the brand is going to grow at the same time.These are the essential tips for selecting a the best SEO company in Somerville MA. Yes, you are going to have a few hurdles arise along the way, and that is something most people are going to talk about when it comes to this process, but as long as you stick to the tips, you’re going to be okay.

Tools used for search engine marketing

​These are tips that have been listed by experts who know what it takes to rank on Google and Bing.You want to have this checklist in place as you are going through the local options which are out there to assist.